BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Why lookie there ... another poem!

Well, "in all the confusion" I didn't manage to get any writing done for a whole week. Of course, with all the WTC-911 stuff, I got nearly no work done this past week either (well, a few projects here and there). Finally had my "standard" writing time ... one of Daughter #1's martial arts classes, so took advantage of that. By the way, that job that I've been back-and-forth with is looking more "back" at the morment, they want me to draw up a proposal for how I see it, and then we'll discuss. This is good, since I was really bummed out after having talked to the first guy ... I think the other folks I'll be working with have a better reality around what is or is not a good use of my time! This still is going to pay me only something like 1/3 of my old salary, but it has the benefits of being from home, and has the potential of being a lot of fun (it also has the potential of being a regal pain in the ass ... but they aren't going to be paying me enough to put up with a lot of crap!). Anyway ... here, a mere couple of hours since it was scribbled ... is the new poem:

                    IN DAYS OF CHAOS, DARK INSIDE

                    we slip between
                    unsteady states
                    driven on by forces
                    not ourselves,
                    not our own,
                    wildly swinging
                    from stance to stance,
                    yet always empty, always void

                    we can not achieve
                    the marks we set
                    we can not reach
                    the needed frame;
                    anguish and terror
                    theme the day,
                    both inner and outer,
                    matrix and node

                    too many things
                    aligning here
                    we can't find hours
                    to hold them all,
                    we can't stay conscious
                    through night and day
                    to fill these lists
                    with completion's checks

                    too many projects
                    and too few options,
                    nothing here can sustain
                    the flow of life
                    as worlds collapse
                    and madness reigns,
                    our private nightmares
                    strangely brought to light

                    every growth
                    seems cruelly set
                    within contrivance,
                    a waiting trap;
                    every step we make today
                    must be with caution
                    as so many horrors wait
                    the slightest faulty move

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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