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A blast from the past ...

So, there I was, at the Newberry Library Book Fair, on half-off day, seeing what goodies might still be on the tables ... and what did I find tucked away in the "humor" section? A like-new copy of a Rush Limbaugh book ... which was only going to cost me $1 ... so I grabbed it (have I mentioned how much I love getting $20-$30 hardcover books for a buck?).

Now, I used to enjoy watching Rush back when he was on TV and keeping that "America Held Hostage" countdown on the Clinton regime, but I've really not "followed" him much since then. So, I didn't realize when picking up his The Way Things Ought to Be that it was such "ancient history". This book was published in 1992, so it's even pre-Clinton, which seems from today's perspective some blissful golden era!

Amazingly, Rush seemed to feel that he needed to introduce himself in this, which appears to have been his first book. Hard to think of the modern media landscape without Rush lending his voice to the Right side of that vista (of course, if the Obama forces have their druthers, free-speech on the radio is history anyway). It was interesting "catching up" on how he got to the national soapbox that he's now so associated with, however.

Needless to say, a lot of the particulars that Rush addresses in this book are old, stale, under the bridge (heck, he even uses present-tense when discussing Soviet leaders!), etc., but the general statements about those he identifies as being detrimental to America are, sadly, as nearly as true today as they were back then ... I figured that I'd share some of the "tastier" morsels from his various expositions here, without trying to necessarily put them in their original context:
The animal rights movement, like so many others in this country, is being used by leftists as another way to attack the American way of life. They have adopted two constituencies who cannot speak and complain about the political uses to which they are put. One of them is trees and other plant life; the other is the animal kingdom.

- - -

It is neither farfetched nor unfair to draw an analogy between the civil rights leadership and the Soviet Communist leadership, insofar as exploitation of their people is concerned. The leaders of both enjoy the privileges of class at the expense of the masses, who do all the work and whom the leaders purport to serve. ... Their efforts produce no goods or services to be contributed to the economy, but in fact have just the opposite effect. They discourage achievement by merit, which is tantamount to discouraging the production of wealth.

- - -

Increasingly, feminist groups are viewed as a fringe element who, because they are incapable of assimilating into mainstream society, are exacting their revenge on it. They are trying to change society to make it conform to them, rather than accepting the fact that they are not the mainstream.

- - -

The (Liberal) rallying cry has now become, "The inner cities have been ignored by an uncaring government, so we must give them more federal moneys." Ignored? Since the Great Society began in the mid-sixties we have pumped some $3 trillion into these cities and the problems have not been eliminated; they've grown worse. Some of the blame must also be placed on the shoulders of those who mislead, misrepresent, wrongly motivate and otherwise let down. Most of the established minority leadership certainly falls within that category. Liberals have created, and the minority leadership has exploited, a community of dependent people, unaware of the true route to prosperity and happiness: self-reliance and self-investment. Instead, people are told that America is unjust, unfair, and full of disadvantages. They are told that their only hope is for government to fix their problems. What has happened is that generations of people have bought into this nonsense and as a result have remained hopelessly mired in poverty and despair - because the promised solutions don't work. And, they will never work - they never have.

- - -

There is nothing the homeless advocates won't say to make Americans feel guilty ... Mitch Snyder gave a speech at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania in which he stated - and I'm not making this up - that 45 homeless people die every second. When I saw this report, I couldn't believe it. I ran the numbers and found that for that to be true, some 23 million homeless people would die in America every year. This is a classic example of how the media doesn't check the statements o the "good intentions" crowd. Mitch Snyder was trying to "help" people, so why embarrass him with the facts?

- - -

What is our greatest obstacle to solving the homeless problem? It is simple, but it will shock you. Simply put, the liberals don't want the problem solved. They are interested in power, and the way they maintain their power is to build up a giant network of government programs that employ their friends; a welfare state that constantly lobbies for its own expansion. The Poverty Pimps don't want solutions to these problems.
Not much has changed in two decades (oh, except, of course, that Bill Clinton miraculously "solved" the "homeless crisis" when he was elected and the press immediately stopped printing the propaganda from that corner of the Left!).

Of course, Rush being Rush, you'll either hate every word in here (I can already hear the panties tightening up in some corners of the Internet over this review), or you'll find it a bitter-sweet reminiscence of a less ugly era, that faced the same insanity from the Left as we're diving into now. For those of you who want to take this trip down memory lane, the Amazon new/used vendors have scads of 1¢ copies (many "like new") for this hardcover edition.

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