BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

It must be that time of year, huh?

So, this weekend was the start for the CTA Holiday Train, with Santa riding the rails from Linden to 95th (Red and Purple lines) back and forth on both Saturday and Sunday, four trips each day.

We we lucky enough to get on (at Chicago & State) the car right in front of the flatcar with Santa's sleigh, meaning it was still standing still when we got out at Addison! In previous years we've had to run to check that out, or make due with a blurry shot as it sped past out of the station (I think they hold this in each station all of an extra 5 seconds over the usual stop time).

If you've never had a chance to ride the Santa Train ... the interiors are all decked out, including "funny ads" (and Elf-centric jokes), special upholstery, and "helpers" handing out candy canes! This is an annual volunteer project by the CTA workers, who decorate and run the train on their own time ... which is a nice "gift" for their riders.

The Wife says the best part of it is watching the folks in the stations who aren't expecting it ... as it's elaborately decorated both inside and out, and it can be quite the surprise if all you're looking for is getting from point A to point B!

In other news, they're starting to noticeably work on the restaurant space in our lobby, and now (to join the "Easter Island Tiki Head" in our driveway) there's a sign up for Trader Vic's ... can Tiki goodness be far behind?

Still no "official" word on an opening day, but they're hardly keeping it a secret at this point!

I just hope that I'll be able to afford to eat there when it opens ... into month #7 "working for equity" ... (sigh) ... I just hope that log-jam on one of these projects breaks before we're all homeless.

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