BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Note to self ...

If the weather forecast is for something other than sub-zero windchills (like today's 40° calm), do make a point of getting out of the house well before the start of the parade!

I do not recall it being MORE CROWDED for the Thanksgiving Day parade down in the Loop any time we've been there ... of course, we didn't leave the building until the parade had already started, and we ended up spending the first half-hour down there just looking for a place where The Girls would have some chance to see. We eventually went back down into the subway, and ended up in front of Borders (at the very end of the route where the animals go one way, the baloons go another, and the bands and floats go another) and they managed to wedge their way up into a bus shelter, ending up at curbside for the last half of the parade.

Happy "eat vast quantities" day, y'all ...

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