BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Now, don't go nuts postin', y'all ...

I'm going to be AFK for about 36 hours ... and somehow folks on my FL just seem to sense when I'm not able to catch up and go on a posting frenzy in my absence!

I am out the door in about 5 minutes to take the bus to the el to go to O'Hare to rent a minivan to pick up The Girls and 3 of Daughter #1's friends to go back out to "the land beyond O'Hare" to celebrate Daughter #1's birthday (she's turning 13 next week!) out at:

The Wife discovered this place earlier in the year, and we went out there once. It's conveniently located in a big Sheraton, and there are some very reasonable "package deals" for over-night stays with 2 days of waterpark admissions. Yes ... my brain hurts already.

One thing I recall from our previous stay there is that they have Expensive Internet, so I'm not even going to try to bring a laptop (as much as I'd like to make another stab at getting caught up on book reviews), so I'm not only going to have to be putting up with the tweenie party, but jonesing for the Internet at the same time.

Talk to y'all Saturday night!

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