BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'm back ...

And, I guess I was right on the money for being AFK for 36 hours!

However, you Posty McPostersons on my FL left me 100 posts to wade through.

Speaking of wading ... I didn't spend much time in the water at the waterpark ... but The Girls did.

I'm exhausted, though, with the worst part being trying to get back into the City tonight. There was like a mile back-up from the toll plaza where 90 and 190 merge that was moving at less than a walking pace, and which continued well beyond. It was so bad that we got off at Higgins and took streets the rest of the way downtown (having to drop off Daughter #1's 3 guests at their homes). The only good part of the return trip was that it wasn't Muslim prayer time, so the area around Oak & Wells had a bunch of meters!

If I can stay awake, I'll post more when I get though your posts from the past day and a half ...

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