BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Was sick ...

Almost ended up back in the hospital. Had out-patient surgery on Tuesday. I'd mis-diagnosed a leg infection that I'd somehow picked up at the Water Park as some vague "stomach bug", but as the days went on, the pain in the ankle/leg increased and the gut stuff faded. Suddenly had bloody pus the color and texture of strawberry yogurt oozing out of a breach in a 15-year-old scar on my ankle. Got into the doctor who told me that I had a "golf-ball sized abscess" in my ankle, which he proceeded to "lance" on both sides. No painkiller involved (other than freezing the skin before the scalpel) a great deal of pain involved. At least when that was over, I could walk again without incessant pain, which was, frankly, really dragging me down. The Doc said that from the looks of things, if I'd put off coming in for another day or so he'd have had to have put me in the hospital for IV antibiotics ... as it is, I have 3 large pills to take a day for two weeks. What fun.

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