BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What a day ...

Whew ...

Well, we're safely in Columbus (or, more accurately, Dublin, OH). It was a LONG day. We got up very early, as we'd initially thought we'd be on the road about 9am, but with all the ice (I was watching the local news at 5am, seeing SUVs doing ice ballet on the roads) we decided to wait for the sun to come up, which was going (according to the weather folks) push the temps up to the point when the ice was going to melt. I ended up going to get the car (The Wife had inexplicably reserved one in the South Loop) around 9am, and the sidewalks were still slick, but the streets were OK (and the El was running by then, after having been shut down for ice in the early hours of the morning).

We had to run up to my office in Evanston to pick up this laptop, which put another hour onto our trip, but things were moving along fine until we got to Indiana. Fog. Thick fog. We hoped that getting away from the Lake would thin it out, but we had solid fog from when we got on I-65 all the way to Columbus, sometimes with visibility less than a block. We're exhausted, but here.

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