BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

At least the hotel's nice ...

We're in a "Hyatt Place" that used to be an AmeriSuites or something (it turns out that the last time The Wife and The Girls came out - when I was too tied up to accompany them - they stayed at this very hotel under its previous name) ... she got the reservations via that "pig in a poke" travel service where you book an area and a price and only find out WHERE that specifically is after you've paid. The plus, of course, is that we're in a very nice room for a "Motel 6" price.

I've come to the conclusion that I must be "working off karma" from my drinking days on these junkets. The Wife (who can not function without at least two substantial glasses of wine a night normally) tends to "get drinky" when off with her family and old friends, and I end up taking the brunt of the personality change involved. I recall myself "back in the day" to have been a generally quiet and docile drunk, but I'm sure there were episodes for which I'm currently paying.

It's funny, almost, that The Wife has never seen me drunk, my having quit drinking (after a couple of decades of rather enthusiastic alcohol abuse) several years before we met ... and yet I'm the one being "the sober guy" and having to be the big wet blanket when things start getting stupid (I just wish I could get her to not be so quick to jump on paying checks that we "can't afford").

Oh, and of course, whatever "it" is, it's all my fault (like when those credit card bills come in, for instance).

Yeah, these trips are lots of fun.

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