BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So THAT'S why it was on sale ...

Last weekend in Columbus, The Wife's friends dragged us off to a funky bookstore in German Village. While its layout (a rambling warren of rooms running up and down stairs over what appeared to be two buildings) was "quaint", their prices were rarely more than 5% off of cover ... as I tend to get most of my books from Amazon (or clearance at B&N), this struck me as "not where I wanted to be shopping" so was pretty much just hanging out while they all busied themselves meandering through the shop.

Now, having been in the publishing business, I really can't fault a bookstore for wanting to charge cover price for a book. That is, after all, what the book "officially" goes for. And, lord knows, back when I was a P.R. exec making a six-figure income I would buy books by the boxload at cover price, either from local stores or directly from the publishers, so I know that there are people out there for whom "paying retail" is not an issue. However, these days, the concept of buying a book at anywhere near cover price is a stretch for me ... and is reserved for situations of desperate need and not "casual browsing"!

So, I was thrilled to dig out a copy of noted cartoonist Gahan Wilson's "The Cleft and Other Tales" when plowing through the store's outdoor clearance tables. This $14.95 cover price book had been marked down to $3.99 previously, and was out for clearance at a mere $1.99 ... such a deal!, right? Well, the "look gift horse in mouth" circuit should have been operating, as when I picked this up the other day, I found that it started on page 33 ... and then repeated 33-64 after the first page 64 ... a clear sign of a bindery mis-hap (that the second "signature" had been collated twice, sending the first one off into some void ... or some other unfortunate copy of the book).

Oh, well ... I guess sometimes "you get what you pay for" ... it's just that hitting a mis-printed book is such a rare occasion for me that I thought I'd make note ... and remind myself to maybe take a bit more observant flip-through when looking at books on "clearance" tables!

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