BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

cold ...

Well, at least it's supposed to "warm up" into positive numbers tomorrow ...

I got up this morning and it was -3° and they said it was causing problems with the trains. I opted to work from home.

Tomorrow morning it's supposed to be -14° ... right now it's -11° with a wind chill of -28° ... I wonder how cold it will be on the way up to Evanston ... somewhere in the "low negative thirties"?

I actually got a relatively lot done here today ... and finally managed to swap out my old, very dim CRT monitor with the flat-screen they'd sent home with the current computer (which is a "Frankenstein" cobbled together from an old computer from the office and a new power supply and video card that I'd bought for my old computer before it died). Unfortunately, the current computer has just a Celeron CPU, which really sucks for Second Life. The hot video card helps, but stuff takes forever to rez and moving around in world is iffy at best. I can attend meetings and stuff, but pretty much have to stay in one spot. Pain in the ass compared to the quad-core w/3g RAM machine I have at the office! Needless to say, if and when we start getting money, a new computer is high on my list of "needs".

Eschatos' blog, got added to the Second Life Bloggers group today (which has 750 members!) ... I wonder if that's going to further boost the minimal traffic it gets ... the traffic went up a smidge when "Eschatos In-World" got registered on Technorati. You can, of course, enjoy those particular blitherings right here on LJ via the eschatos_graves RSS feed!

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