BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I do so LOVE saving money ...

So, as I've mentioned, I've been reasonably successful in convincing what family I have that, as a rule, "what I'd really like" are Amazon gift certificates, and, due to this, I typically am able to maintain a fairly decent "stash" of unused funds in my account there.

Tonight I had that "book buying" itch, so surfed over to Amazon. I ordered one thing off the "suggestion" list, one thing from my "wish list" and one thing from the "Dover Thrift Editions" ... the first two were each $11.53 (marked down 32% from $16.95), for a $23.06 sub-total, to which I added an ever-useful Dover book (The Garden of Heaven: Poems of Hafiz, hardly "chopped liver") for $2.00, bringing the total a whole 6¢ over the $25.00 free-shipping threshold! If you figure the cover prices plus the shipping, this order "could have" cost $41.87 so I ended up with a 40% savings ... sweet! Plus, of course, it wasn't any money "out of pocket", so I'm feeling all sorts of happy about it.

(Sigh) ... now if I can only get myself moving on writing some of those book reviews (it's back up to 10) that's I'm behind on!

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