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Wow ...

Hat-tip to polaris93 for sending this to me ...

THIS is an amazing article from New Scientist magazine which details an accidental possible discovery by experiments designed to detect theorized gravity waves. The scientists were having a problem with "noise" in certain bandwidths, noise that other scientists, theorizing on a "holographic universe" has specifically predicted as the side-effect of a sort of "graininess" in space-time.

I recently read a book on Information Theory which addressed significant parts of this from another angle, detailing how there can only be so much information, but this can not be ultimately destroyed (and so, how the "information imprint" of everything falling into a black hole is "projected" onto its 2-D event horizon).

The "graininess" could indicate that everything we interpret as a multi-dimensional timelined existence is, essentially a hologram on a 2-D mathematical landscape. From the numbers they were using, this is actually fairly substantial "chunkiness", as the Planck Length (the smallest unit of linear measurement that is theoretically possible) is 1.6 × 10-35m, while the "projection blur" comes in with a smallest unit of around 10-16m ... which is a HUGE difference (if my, admittedly sketchy, recall of exponential math is on target, this is like the Planck Length being a ping pong ball and the "pixel size" of the hologram being a sphere something like 840 light-years across). In fact, this scale factor is so huge that it's conceivable that we could, with very little increase in our technology, achieve systems for observing this (it is, after all, only about 1/10th of the diameter of a proton).

Since I've had no problem with "accepting" that we might be existing within four dimensions of an 11-dimension space, you would think that I'd have no problem with being a holographic projection ... but this one is, as exciting as the story is, really hard to wrap my (possibly 2-D) brain around!

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