BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Whew ...

What a day ...

After logging in yet another 12-hour (plus 2 commuting) day on Tuesday, I was very happy to be "working from home" again, with the main excuse being a 10:30 doctor's appointment, but it was an errand-a-go-go ... starting with taking Daughter #2 into school with a shopping bag full of cupcakes (it was her birthday), then going back home to bring her the "civics" project she'd forgotten (good thing too, she was the first up to present, and ended up getting an A!), then taking the bus down to SuperCuts for a way-overdue haircut, then taking a couple of busses over to the Doctor's, and then getting back home by noon.

Was able to work through the afternoon (minus a brief break to go pick up The Girls from school), until The Wife got home. Around 7pm we headed over to Dave & Buster's for #2's birthday dinner ...

No, we did not win the 4ft high purple dragon just with winnings from last night (but we did make about half of the total), but The Girls (my lovely daughters, here pictured, again, too eagerly indulging in birthday cake) were thrilled to get that plus the Polar Bears with the accumulated point totals of probably 4 visits to D&B. The ever-cheerful (not) Wife suggested it would probably be a good idea to not let the points "roll over", as it were, because D&B might be out of business before we could use them, so we were looking for maximum cash-in.

Anyway, in the morning it's back to Evanston & the grind. I'm hoping to have some "big news" to report soon (of the Good type), but things are still in serious flux, so I don't want to jinx anything (and things could just as easily in the tank) beforehand.

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