BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

baaah... I am the Quiz Sheep today ...

OK ... so I've seen this one all over (but, heck, I'll credit it to charitycam, since that's the kind of guy I am) ... it's the "Am I A Goth, Tredy or Alternative?" Test ... no huge surprises here ...

Goth - 70%
Trendy - 30%
Alternative - 35%

I don't know why (given that I scored almost as high for Goth as the other two combined) that it told me that I was "a really well-balanced person" ... they obviously don't know me, and the CERTAINLY have never had the displeasure to make me angry.

Oh, by the way ... if you feel a need to conform to this particular form of quiz-taking goose-step ... this one is here:

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