BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Anybody know this?

I'm managing a couple of Ning social-networking sites at work. One of these ( is getting rather "big" in terms of the Ning "pages" and it's driving me nuts that there seems to be no "native" hierarchical file structure ... everything goes into the "all pages" area where you can search, but no "folders" or anything.

What I'm hoping is that somebody out there has worked with Ning and has maybe stumbled over some widget or something that allows for organizing those files. We're doing two Gallery Shows in-world a month, and these are paralleled by displays on the web site, so our number of pages are growing somewhere in the ballpark of 50 a month just from that ... it's already becoming unwieldy and I fear soon it will approach unmanageable.

So, anybody know of any Ning add-ons for managing "pages" on a Ning site???

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