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Had we only known ...

Sometimes it's useful to look back to where we were ... I have a stack of things here to review which were the view ahead from various GOP writers, all of whom sadly missed the coming storm that slammed into the U.S.A. and is destroying it even as I write this.

Amanda B. Carpenter's The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton isn't necessarily one of those, but is a sobering reminder of how BAD things are, and are likely to be for at least the next four years. I've read a lot about the Clintons, and know how bad Hillary is, but it was only a few months back that she was looking as an appealing alternative to the "stealth Communist" candidate and the RINO* in the last election. This book serves to remind me of how little she actually differs from the abomination in the White House.

The author, a reporter for Human Events, takes a slightly different approach from other warning tomes on Mrs. Clinton, first of all, claiming the "vast right-wing conspiracy" tag and wearing it with ironic pride, and the spinning off that ownership to thicken the irony with a graphic style in the book that highlights the "dossier" angle. Carpenter is less caustic than Ann Coulter, but does one thing that Ann has not (usually leaving her readers to follow up the extensive footnotes themselves), and this is reproducing vast amounts of documentation in the book.

This, frankly, leads to this being a rather fast read ... as the first half is the "reports" and the second half is the "exhibits" (or "evidence"), with the latter half being page after page of campaign finance reports, personal letters to people that Hillary claims to "not know", and sign-offs on illegal operations that either the First Lady or the Senator from New York flatly denies having ever heard of. While it doesn't make gripping reading, it's pretty damning to Mrs. Clinton.

The book is in ten "files", covering illegal campaign financing, her socialist plans in various areas, the obscene amount of "pork" she's channeled to New York to buy off voting blocs there, how the vile MSM has been an enabling lapdog for her both at the White House and in the Senate, and her constant flip-flops on subjects like Immigration, the War on Terror, and Gay Marriage, where she plays both to her hard-left core constituency and to "moderate" voters, counting on the media not to point out the totally different messages and promises being made depending on her audience.

Another useful part of this book is the reproduction of speeches and exchanges from the Congressional Record, transcripts from radio and TV appearances, and the like. Hillary can try to be an enigma to those not paying attention, but without her Media accomplices, she'd be seen as the conniving monomaniac she is to all but her "praetorian guard".

What is less useful here are the sections of "strategizing" on how to oppose the Presidential Campaign of Mrs. Clinton, with facts, figures, and names to bring up. Although only written in 2006, this is sadly dated, the country already having passed by the socialist frying pan to fall into the neo-Stalinist fire.

Oddly enough, The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton is still in print, but I got this copy at the dollar store, and the Amazon new/used vendors have copies from 1¢ for "like new" and 25¢ for "new". I'd recommend this for those who need to re-frame the context of just what madness we are being subjected to right now, and even to Hillary fans who still don't appreciate what a monster it is that they love so dearly.

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