BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Whew ...

What a couple of weeks ... I'm glad that I have this morning off. I realized on my way home late last night (after 14 hours in the office) that I'd managed to squeeze in an extra week of work over the past two, having clocked almost exactly 120 hours over the past 10 work days!

The good news is that the the signing and press conference in New York went well, and that our new program partnering with Violator Management to find "The Planet's Best DJ" ( is off to a big start, and we're going to be featuring the venerable Kool DJ Red Alert in the project. This is starting out as a Ning site where the contestants will be submitting audition tapes, and the community will vote for their favorites, narrowing things down over the first few months to a group of a hundred or so finalists who will then be the subject of a Reality TV show (hosted by Red), with 12 episodes (shot in clubs around the world) to get it down to one winner who will get a $250,000.00 prize and a contract with Violator.

We're also developing a Virtual World build that will have clubs and theaters where DJs will also perform, plus all the celebrities (the list of guest judges is still being developed) will be contractually committed to spending a certain amount of time in-world, so fans can actually run into the stars in the metaverse (my guess is that we'll be in Second Life, but we've put out RFPs to a dozen VWs to see if anybody wants to "partner" on this).

The good news, personally, is that if things keep rolling the way they look to be right now, I should maybe be seeing a paycheck sometime around the end of April, or mid-May!

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