BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

That was close ...

As noted previously in this space, I've been basically being "four departments" by myself at work for the past few months, leaving me very little time for keeping up on stuff (as testified by the stack of 13 books here awaiting my review). One of the things being pushed off till "later" has been renewing domains ... a process that I typically deal with twice a year.

I have a bunch of domains that I keep just because they're such great names, and figure that at some point somebody might want to buy them off of me (I've had a couple of offers over the past year, but none that were "interesting" enough). Several of these were from back in my Network Marketing days, and I'm sort of holding on to those just in case I get back into shilling for Bios-Life2.

Anyway, here's what got renewed tonight ...

Others recently renewed:

What had me worried was that some of those officially expired in February. I've lost a lot of great names over the years due to my procrastination on renewals ... so I was relieved to not have lost any this time around. I hate to be spending the money on these right now when we're broke (especially as I'm only really using three of these at the moment), but I also hate to let something that arguably has substantial value just slip out of my grasp!

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