BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

This will be interesting ...

Having a business meeting at home this morning.

The Girls have been off all week for Spring break, and The Wife was able to take 4 vacation days to hang out with them and keep them reasonably amused. However, she had to go in to work today, and so I decided to make this a work-from-home day.

Unfortunately, one of our clients needed to have a meeting (and before you get that quizzical look on your face asking "If Brendan has clients how come he doesn't have a paycheck?", most of our new business is on a "shared revenues" basis, so needs to get to a fairly developed state before we start seeing cash flow) this morning, and I really needed to be in on this meeting. Rather than have me run up to Evanston, do the meeting, then run back home, one of my associates (who is the other key person on this account) volunteered to move it down here.

Fortunately, the client is a long-time friend of mine who has been here several times, so it's not like I was hosting some Mega Corporation lackeys around our dining room table (otherwise I guess we'd just take it over to some local coffee place).

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