BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Can't sleep ...

This is awful ... I can always sleep, given time to schedule it ... but with everything falling down around me, I'm too freaked out to manage getting past the panic.

Not only is our "big deal" dead, I just got e-mail from Cassandra (not his name, but it seems to be his function) from the office pointing out two very large and successful sites exactly in the niche where the one I'm developing for a client will be.

This kicked the stool out under the noose for me.

Up till this point I had some hope that maybe things would work themselves out, now that's GONE.

Of course, we were expecting that I was going to be starting (courtesy the big deal that just dissolved) to get paid in the next few weeks ... now that's not happening, I'm deeply fucked financially. I was barely able to get an interview in 2006/2007, I wonder how that's "improved" with the economy in the toilet. Yeah, probably not much.

Goodbye home of 28 years. Goodbye neighborhood of 33 years. Goodbye everything I've known or cared about, I guess. This really really sucks.

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