BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

PFS: Write ...

Just in case y'all were wondering ... I wrote all my old poetry in an early word processor called PFS: Write ... which isn't compatible with anything. At one point I had a conversion program for it (which was a bit of a pain to use), but was having a hard time tracking that down, so was worried that I might have to dig into these files with NotePad and do a lot of editing (you can get to the raw text that way, but it's lost all its returns, tabs, etc.).

I was very pleased last night to find that the "new" version (in this case 2003) of MSWord would open these, and would typically have a page of code, a page of formatted text, and then another page of code, so it will be fairly easy to get these back (albeit a very mind-numbing repetitive process).

Like you were up all night worrying ...

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