BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


I wonder if I'm ever going to warm up to web video.

Unless a video is very clearly explained as to why I should stop everything else that I might be doing and devote how ever many minutes out of my life to watching said video, I just will not click on it. Yet, I'm amazed at how many people just "put up" a video and expect that it being there is enough of a lure to have folks watch it.

Also, if it's more than 2 minutes long, it's probably going to be bailed on. I was just 2:01 into a 4:46 video posted to a community (which was there in context of defining certain terms), figuring at that point that if they hadn't made their point by then, that were were unlikely to.

I wonder why this is? I really hate watching any video on the computer, and can't understand how folks can sit through whole TV episodes (let alone movies) on it ... of course, with the exception of Poker, CSI and the Bears/Cubs, I rarely can stand to watch TV for more than 10 minutes at a go!

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