BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Grrrr ....

I just HATE it when things take advantage of an install to change your settings! I was needing a third browser today that wasn't MSIE (I was already running FireFox and Chrome) and so installed Opera (I needed to have three "states"/IDs for work I was doing on a web site). The next thing I know, I'm clicking on a link in an e-mail and find that my system was launching Opera to get to the damn web page. I did NOT do anything that would have given Opera permission to become my "default web browser", it just muscled in there ... and now I hate it (well, not so much that I'd use MSIE instead of it, but I'd like to kick its developers in the teeth).

Same damn thing with the last couple of Java updates ... you get a message that there's a new version of Java, so you click though, quick download, various "yes, yes, yes" screens ... but those asswipes have snuck in a "install Yahoo toolbar" option on one of those, with a pre-checked option, so if you're not paying attention (and make sure to un-check the option) you end up with crap attached to your browser (and that godawful search page that you can't back out of). If it wasn't for Open Office, I'd be wanting to smash their fingers with cinder blocks until it looked like they had flippers instead of hands!


I'm way "off schedule" today. I ended up working from home today because The Girls had a half-day at school ... I got in 7 hours (from 6am till about 1pm), but then was running around with them, came in, and promptly fell asleep on the couch ... missing the hours that I'd planned on getting some other projects done. Now I'm torn between working most of the night or getting a solid sleep.

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