BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Horrible, terrible ...

What a frick'n suck fest.

I got up this morning with a pretty clear list of 4-6 things that I wanted to get done, slogged into them, and WHAM ... had a computer crash.

Now, I've had my "work computer" here for a couple of days, but have not had the time/opportunity to make the switch-over, so I figured "what the heck" and do that and get back to what I'd been working on. Bad move.

First of all, I was planning on just moving over my old HD (from my previous computer) which has been running as a "slave" in the "Frankenstein" machine that I've been using the past few months, since we pieced it together from parts of my old system and parts of one with a functioning motherboard from the office. Unfortunately, the new system seems to only have SATA connectors, and I didn't even see a way to connect a slave drive. I'm assuming that it's not going to be a simple thing to throw an IDE drive in there.

So, I put the cases back together, and take the old one out to the living room ... I first thought I'd get a HD enclosure and just slap that on as a USB drive, but then realized I had a big honking Maxtor external drive that I'd not been using since the old computer died. I pulled that out and tried to hook it up ... nothing. Well, not nothing exactly ... the power adapter for the Maxtor drive lit up when I plugged it in to the power strip, and it stayed lit up when I plugged it into the drive, but whenever I hit the switch to turn on the drive the little green light died! What the fuck is with that? Needless to day, the Maxtor did not power up, and the computer did not recognize its USB connector.

I don't think I have anything on that which isn't on something else (I was using it to backup the stuff that's on the HD that I was trying to move from back when that was the main HD on my old system), but it bugs the heck out of me that the damn thing A) won't power up, and B) it "unpowers" the damn adapter!

So, I have my "home" computer out in the living room (with no internet connectivity), and my "work" computer in here. Fortunately, I was keeping most of my files on flash drives, but my work computer doesn't seem to like my USB hub, and won't recognize the drives plugged into it (or will recognize them but say they're not available).

Of course, I'm now having to deal with stuff that I'm used to having handy (in FireFox, for example) only on the (unconnected) system in the living room, and having to deal with a move from XP to Vista for the rest of it (some programs that I use daily on my home system don't play well with Vista).

I just want to crawl under something and have a damn breakdown.

I actually had a JOB LEAD to follow up with today, but I've still not been able to get to my goddamn resume to get it ready to send out. Today sucks shit x100.

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