BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, man ...

If it wasn't bad enough that I'm not likely to be getting paid any time soon, and that my company's dissolving in an acid vat of animosity, now this.

One of my few close friends, a gal I went to college with, and who had become something of an "Aunt" to my girls (visiting a couple of times a year, sending them cards and gifties from her various travels, etc.), ended up committing suicide yesterday.

I got the call from a mutual friend who had been in on-going contact with her.

It seems that there had been no warning of this ... she'd been spending time with family and friends over the past couple of weeks, acting "normal" to all reports ... but I guess on Thursday she went in to see her shrink, and they opted to shift around her meds some. Needless to say, this sounds like it was a very bad decision.

I've spent all evening trying to dig up contact info for other folks and seeing if it will be possible for me to get up to Minneapolis on Friday for the memorial service.

Not a happy thing, not at all ...

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