BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(sigh) ... this could be the coup de grâce ...

I never like to even pose questions like "Could this week get any worse?", but I'm driftting into that space.

I just had a phone call from The Wife saying that she just got laid off.

Now, The Wife was not getting paid very much, and she didn't love her job, but it had good health benefits, and the combination of that was barely keeping us afloat.

We now have about 3 weeks left to get sick.

When she got this job we were on the verge of not being able to scrape up the money to make a bi-annual Cobra payment of $5,000.00 ... as we've been liquidating all our "last pocket" investments over the past year, we have even less of an idea of where we could get that at this point.

Unless I hear some very good news tomorrow, I guess we're going to have to look at moving ... not that this is an enviable market in which to try to unload a condo.

It feels like I'm living in the middle of "Born Under A Bad Sign":

If it wasn't for bad luck
I wouldn't have no kind-a luck
If it wasn't for real bad luck,
I wouldn't have no luck at all

Needless to say, if anybody out there has any leads for a guy with a background in Public Relations, Publishing, Marketing, Writing, Meeting Planning and decent chops at Design, Web / Virtual World / Social Networking development, etc. (not to mention Bartending, Hypnosis, and Shamanic Ritual), please let me know! My resume's on-line at ... thanks!

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