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Wolverine ...

So, Daughter #1 and I went to see the Wolverine movie today whilst The Wife and Daughter #2 went to see Night at the Museum II.

Wolverine was OK ... although, I must admit I was missing the "back story" on things like his S.O., etc. (the web filled me in on that character). I was a fan of the X-Men comics back in late 60's, early 70's, so most of my frame of reference is the "classic" time line and characters, so sometimes I get confused.

Now, I'd read some chit-chat about the movie, and agree with one question that came up ... but I really can't figure how it is likely to come back as a data element in future movies. If you've not seen the film, and are really wanting to avoid all spoilers, quit reading here.

OK ... still with me?

In the early scenes when Wolverine and Victor (Sabretooth) are kids, and Victor's father kills Wolverine's father ... Wolverine's father looks JUST like the adult Wolverine and Sabretooth's father looks JUST like the adult Victor Creed. Why, then, does Sabretooth's father, Thomas Logan, tell Wolverine (I'm avoiding calling him "Logan" here to avoid the confusion) that he's his actual father? Why is Sabretooth called "Victor Creed" and not "Victor Logan"? Now, when the two kids run off, it's understandable that young James Howlett (Wolverine) might start identifying as "Logan" (believing that what he was told is true), but in the movie the casting is SO CLEARLY implying that Wolverine's dad is actually John Howlett, and Sabretooth's dad is Thomas Logan. There was a 4-year or so age difference in the kids, so it would be possible that they both have the same mother (the briefly seen Elizabeth {Hudson} Howlett), but WHY insert this particular bit of cognitive dissonance into the story line?

Given the very similar mutations of the two boys, Victor and James, they are likely to be related, even brothers. On the surface, the story implies that they have the same father (the drunk and violent Thomas Logan), but the casting of the two "fathers" with characters who are dead ringers (I had to check IMDB to make sure that Hugh Jackman hadn't portrayed John Howlett!) for the adult Wolverine and Sabretooth certainly points to the mutation coming from the mother. Interestingly, the "old couple" that gives Wolverine his jacket are named Hudson, and the old lady shares a name (Heather Hudson) with a mutant, "Vindicator", who (with her husband) "found Wolverine running wild in the woods following his escape from the original Weapon X compound" according to one web source.

Again, this looks like it's setting some sort of a back-story that's contrary to the "surface" story, I just wonder what that might be.

By the way ... anybody see Stan Lee in this one? I missed his predictable cameo, although I did notice Poker pro Daniel Negreanu at the table with Gambit!

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