BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Positive stuff, but nothing concrete ...

This is like a shipwreck, I'm clinging onto whatever flotsam drifts by that looks like it will keep my head above water for a few more hours. I try to not get "too excited", as there has been nothing "concrete" as yet, but I keep hitting situations that I fully expected to get "go away, kid, ya bother me!" responses and didn't.

Today, it was following up on a letter that I'd sent to the CEO of a company that Simuality had done a project with a year ago. I was totally anticipating not being able to get a hold of the guy at all, and have to play "secretary pleading" to get to a voice mail or something. Well, not only did I actually get right through to CEO, he recalled my letter, and, while he wasn't able to speak with me now, set up an appointment for a call tomorrow!

I have been, on and off, in a job search mode for pretty much all of the past decade (since my publishing company went down the tubes), and I have never had the sort of positive feedback that I've been getting over the past couple of weeks. Either I've gotten MUCH better at looking for jobs (doubt it), or the past 20 months has made me a LOT more marketable (it could happen), or people have gotten a whole bunch NICER (as if!), but the experience has been a whole lot less horrible than the last 3-4 times that I was seriously "pounding the pavement".

I'm just hoping that this is indicative of my being "in the flow" towards landing a cool new job, and NOT a fresh new way for the Universe to tape a "kick me!" sign on my back.

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