BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Arrrgh ...

OK, Pixel People ... got a question ...

I'm trying to put a real basic e-mail form on a Ning page.

I was "having issues" with this just writing the form (the submit button became part of the Ning page and was no longer editable!), so ended up doing a form on a free-standing page, and pulled that in via an iFrame ... looked good, no problems until I tested it.

While it worked fine in FireFox and Chrome, both MSIE and Opera stripped out the form's content, sending a blank e-mail! Any clue why that would be?

I mean, I'm not asking for much ... trying to put in something for the Degerberg Academy site where people can request free introductory classes ... but I've spent HOURS beating my head against this particular wall, and still don't have a solution (other than just putting in an e-mail link and asking folks to include specific bits of information.

Any ideas?

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