BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Penn is my favorite Libertarian, I think ...

As I've noted, I've avoided posting videos because, frankly, I tend to never watch them when other people post them ... but I came to the realization that 70% of why I didn't watch videos posted to LJ was that they are typically put up "pig in a poke" fashion (i.e., with no introductory copy explaining why I should bother to watch them) and with LJ's bad habit of not refreshing the image on videos (honestly, I never know what has been posted because LJ shows the same damn 4-6 images - for a while there I was wondering why everybody was posting the same stupid music clip, until I discovered that they weren't, and it was just the way the images were being served/cached on the Friends view - if I clicked through to the comment page the image for the video is almost always different from what's on the FL page!) it is impossible to tell what the video really was about from what was showing up on-screen ... and about 30% of my finding it very hard to multi-task through a video.

That said ... this is the latest from Penn Jillette's "Penn Says" series of video blogs, in which he deals with the Libertarian / Free Speech implications of Wikipedia banning updates from know Scientologist IP addresses:

... I think Penn has encapsulated the issue brilliantly ... I don't think I've ever heard him propose a Libertarian stance that I didn't strongly agree with!

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