BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Need some coding help ...

OK, so here's the deal ... I'm trying to put together a Ning page that will have my many far-flung bits of web blitherings into one central node ... and so far that's been working just swimmingly except for Twitter, for some reason.

I was using iFrames for everything, being the easiest (and, OK, "oldschool") way to bring in other sites. However, with Twitter it brings in the background for my Twitter page, and for a split second the content flashes when the page first loads. Somehow there's something in the Twitter code where the content isn't "sticking", just leaving the background image.

Now, I'm thinking "OK, so iFrames are deprecated, how about Object?" ... and re-coded a test page for bringing it in via an Object call. Same result. So, it's not an "iFrame problem", but a "Twitter code" problem.

Anybody have any ideas of how I could get around this? What's happening in the Twitter code where the content falshes up for a split second and then won't display, yet my Twitter page's backgound is showing up just fine?

I'm sort of hoping that there's some add-on bit of code that I'm missing in the iFrame/Object call that would convince the Twitter page to actually show up!

Here's the code snippets I've been using:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height=
"750px"><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

and ...

<object id="page" type="text/html" data="" width="100%" height="750px"><p>Oops! That didn't work...</p></object>

Note: in neither case did the code "fail" and have the fail text appear.

Anybody out there have an idea of a work-around on this?


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