BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ah ... SHOW BIZ ...

I was AFK all day yesterday, helping out the Lombardi Street folks with their Chicago auditions. This is a project started by my former boss at Simuality, and was the template on which we'd been basing the ill-fated "Planet's Best DJ" contest.

They've been getting some key production companies partnering with them over the past few weeks, but up to this point, pretty much everything has been "crowd sourced" with all the writers, techs, producers, and directors (many seasoned industry pros) coming out of the folks on the Lombardi Street site.

More pics available HERE.

The auditions where being held at the Act One acting school down on LaSalle, and the local coordinators weren't sure what equipment we'd have available to us, so I ended up schlepping down some of my stuff just in case it was needed, and was prepared to operate the cameras (which I did for the first hour or so), however, I was pretty much there to lend moral support and "hold space" for Antony who wasn't able to make it, being in South Africa for a family funeral.

Shooting on the "pilots" (there are going to be six 10-minute "episodes" introducing various characters / backstories / sub-plots) begins in August, and while the main characters will be cast by the first week in July, if you're interested, there are still TONS of secondary/side characters who need to get set, so get on over to and sign up!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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