BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

That worked well ...

I usually bring a book to read while The Girls have their martial arts classes on Saturday, but this usually leads me to falling asleep, and so isn't as productive a use of my time as it might look on paper. Today I looked at the huge stack of un-reviewed books sitting here, looked at that cute little "netbook" I got a couple of months back, and said ... "hmmm ... I could write reviews while I wait!". So, I tucked in a couple of already-read books in my briefcase, tucked in the netbook, and headed out to "new territory".

As it turned out, once i got something (an empty plastic bin from the little kids' play area, as it turned out) to use as a "desk" on the bench, it was a pretty good writing environment. I'm still getting used to the cramped keyboard (well, they keyboard per se is not the challenge, it's that area just in from the space bar that thinks it's a mouse and insists on doing stuff when my thumbs end up resting on it!), but it was certainly OK for a first go.

The bulk of the previous two postings were written there ... with just edits made once transferred over to my main system. I now have just thirteen books awaiting my reviewing attentions.

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