BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Tech: good and bad

The Good:

Once again, Tiger Direct amazes with next-day delivery. Daughter #1's computer, which we've been doing battle with for at least a year (it has a strange allergy to XP's SP3 ... totally gets fucked up by it ... we wiped and "res-set to factory" and it was working OK, MicroSoft eventually sent through SP3 and it was even worse than before ... can't even get it into Safe Mode to be able to backtrack to a restore point!) finally got to the stage where I had no more ideas on how to fix it ... and she needs a computer (activity-wise now, for real in the fall), so I had to bite the bullet and get one. I was very pleased to get an "off-lease" HP system (yeah, "used"), with a gig of ram, a fairly fast P4 chip, and XPpro installed for $200 delivered. What is AWESOME was that I ordered this on-line yesterday evening and it was sitting in our package room by 1pm today ... gotta love having one of their major shipping centers just out in the suburbs (even though the shipping was supposedly "3-7 days")!

The Bad:

I can't find my cell phone. Now, (this might be TMI) there are only three places where my cell phone is likely to be ... in its carrying case on the belt on my jeans, in its carrying case on the belt of my tan slacks, or on the charger out in the kitchen. Unless somebody is coming over (very rare) or I'm heading out (intermittent these days), I don't wear pants around the house, so these locations are fairly finely determined as being on a particular chair out in the living room. But the phone (when we were heading out to Dojo tonight) was NOWHERE to be found. We tried calling it, but the call went right into voice mail, so its battery is no doubt kaput. I don't know what to do ... I'm an extreme creature of habit, and things NEED to be where I expect them to be or they are LOST ... and, although the odds are 99-1 that the phone is "here somewhere" without it being somewhere, it's as good as being nowhere. I just hope that folks aren't calling me on that line, since I have no clue of how to access that voice mail except via that phone.

The Ugly:

OK, so that wasn't in the header, but I was in a total freak-out melt-down today about money anyway, only exacerbated by the missing phone, new computer, spendy, spendy, spendy, spend. I spent all day cranking out resumes, which didn't help. Unless it does help ... I really need to get a paycheck going in the next 12 weeks or so or we are deeply, horribly, dreadfully fucked.

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