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Fireworks ...

Chicago is a wise old city that understands about the weather. As such, they have "tentative" scheduling for the main city fireworks that start a day ahead. This was a Good Idea this year, as tonight they're forecasting thunderstorms!

We ended up with a Major Undertaking this year. Daughter #1 had 3 friends along and Daughter #2 one, giving us six girls to keep reigned in. We started up by us, with two big carts full of stuff, walking the two miles down to the north end of Grant Park.

As you can see in the above, the spot we picked was somewhat "out of the way", especially in regards to the masses attending Taste Of Chicago in the area centered on Jackson & Columbus. The sort of crowds that would have been down in that part of the park would have been horrendous. So, we got down there fairly early (arriving at 3:45), blocked out "our space" with blankets, and tried to keep The Girls amused for the 5 hours between setting up and the fireworks. Fortunately, some of their teachers were in a party nearby, and they went to hang out there for a while. Between snacks and games and eventually dinner, boredom was limited.

This was the view to the south of us ... don't know any of these people. This was at about 6:30, when things started to fill up (a lot of the "gaps" between early-arriving groups were starting to get muscled in on by latecomers). By the time it started getting towards dusk, folks were wandering right through our area ... very irritating (we should have come with "caution" tape like some of our neighbors!).

And, of course, there were fireworks. We'd brought a radio so that we could tune in to the musical accompaniment to the show. I'm hoping that one of these days I'll be able to again afford toys like a camera that can take quality pictures of fireworks. I took several dozen shots that all looked pretty good in the back of the camera, but were blurry once on-screen. Bummer. The above was one of the sharper images.

All six girls slept over last night and we're in the process of whipping up some breakfast, then we're heading up to the Chicago Historical Society for their annual 4th of July thing (activities, music, speeches, etc. ... we go every year) and then send the others home. We may (weather permitting) end up back down in Grant Park this afternoon for a concert The Wife wants to attend ... but we'll see how accurate the thunderstorm forecasts are!

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