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A dream destroyed ...

OK, I'm down to the last two books left from that stack of backed-up things to review, and both of these share certain aspects, so these will go back-to-back with similar messages.

Three years. That's how long it took this book to go from an impassioned call to action to being a sad reflection of what might have been. In Painting the Map Red: The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority Hugh Hewitt charts out a very plausible strategy for the GOP to wrest back control of the Congress ... plausible in a "more perfect world". Unfortunately, the Republicans were being Democrats, the Democrats were being Stalinists, and the MSM was completely stacking the deck. Rather than "take back" Congress, of course, the Republicans lost more seats, setting up the present ugly scenario of an ultra-left Legislature supporting a dictatorial Executive with wet dreams of being another Castro, Chavez, or perhaps even Pol Pot. The author is prophetic when he says:
It may be that the radical left will take the Democratic Party back to power in the House, the Senate, the presidency, or all three. If that happens the country ought to have been given fair warning of the nature of the government they will receive under those circumstances.
... how sad that nobody in the GOP heeded this warning, and the voters handed the machinery of oppression to the likes of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.

Hewitt advises the GOP to press through five messages, that the Leftist Democrats have declared war on the military, that they've declared war on religion, that they've declared war on the Judiciary, that they're wanting to radically re-define marriage, and that they're "addicted to venom", while blaming it all on the Republicans. Sound familiar? That could be the Cliffs' Notes for the past three years. Needless to say, the GOP did not manage to make a peep on any of this, while RINOs like Bush and McCain tried to "play nice" with the Democrats. He warns them that this is a recipe for disaster, that the GOP has to "stand for something", but instead there was Bush trying to "reach across the aisle" to the vipers who took a mile for every inch he offered, and McCain, who never should have had an (R) next to his name in the first place!

Again, looking back from 2009, this all sounds so naive for the 2006 mid-term elections. Between the far left of the Democratic party and the total collusion of the main stream media, along with the deer-in-the-headlights approach of the GOP, this country went from "iffy" to "Hell" in 3 short years. Reading this now just rips at the gut, two Congressional elections and one disastrous Presidential race down the road. It's a vision of a better world that is likely now the stuff of myth, unretrievable in the new nightmare reality.

What's amazing about Painting the Map Red (which I picked up, in hardcover, from the dollar store) is that it's still in print (and for a hefty sum, at that). However, if you want to see what should have been done prior to the 2006 Congressional elections, you can get this in "like new" condition from the Amazon new/used guys for as little as a penny (or four bucks with shipping). Hewitt raises a lot of good points in here, but it reads like instructions for latching the barn door after the tornado has blown through and destroyed everything. I suppose it's worth a read, but it's the sort of thing that makes a sane man want a whole raft of stiff drinks.

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