BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More head-scratching Twitter weirdness ...

OK, so when the execrable follow-bots on Twitter trigger due to you mentioning something that they think they can market to you, well, you can suss out the reason behind it. What I can't get is when somebody joins (typically without any biographical info or site link) and then starts to follow random people based on their name. What's up with THAT?

This morning I found I'd been followed by this person, who had 56 people she was following, all with names "Brendan", "Cody", "Marc", "Antone", and "Merlin" ... first, middle, last name, doesn't seem to matter. What possible use would this be to anybody?

I'd noticed this a few times before, and still can't figure out WHY somebody would bother. Doesn't make any sense ... even if they were doing a global search to find a particular person, why follow the ones who aren't the ones you're looking for?

Anybody have perspective on this?

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