BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More Twitter stupidity ...

I bet y'all get tired of me blithering on about Twitter in here, don't you? Sorry ...

Now, I'm possibly an atypical Twitter user, as I do try to keep my "follow list" as trim as possible, and really don't understand how anybody can use the damn thing if you're getting a non-stop flood of Tweets flying past (which, if you're following more than a couple of hundred, let alone thousands, you're going to have). Of course, you've heard me bitch about "spam bots", those programs that if you mention "netbook" will have a swarm of people selling netbooks following you in hope that you'll follow them back and will be sucked in by the sales pitch. Well, I had an identifiable (some days I get a flurry of follows with no idea where they came from) non-commercial version of this happen today,

I had re-Tweeted somebody's post pointing to the Reuters piece about this UK study that "organic" produce isn't significantly better for you than "regular" products ... with the obvious spin that I figured that "organic" was right up there with the Kyoto crap of "delusional feel-good Bad Ideas", but within an hour of having Tweeted that, I had a half a dozen "organic enthusiasts" following my Twitter. Fucking MORONS.

Sure, Twitter spam is better than e-mail spam in that you need to at least take action to GET their spam (well, unless you're one of those people who think "you win" by having thousands of followers and auto-follow anybody who follows you!), but I still would like to bash their teeth out with a 2x4 when I see this kind of crap.

Bleh ...

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