BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

It's not just a QUIZ ... it's job-related!

So, I'm reading one of "those books", you know, the ones that are supposed to help you get focused on what you "really want to be doing", and in this book there are various suggestions of places and things to wander off to check out.

Well, one of these is a government-hosted (read "free") service called O*Net where you can quiz your way into your Holland Code, etc.

I just took their "Interest Profiler" and their "Work Importance Locator", and, although I realize that nobody reading this gives a damn what I scored on these, I'm gonna share that info with you anyway, because I'm such a big-hearted giving guy!

On the Interest Profiler I got:

R = 02 (Realistic)
I = 25 (Investigative)
A = 18 (Artistic)
S = 00 (Social)
E = 00 (Enterprising)
C = 03 (Conventional)

... all of those are out of a possible 30 points.

Obviously, if it's not "Investigative" or "Artistic", I've got pretty much no interest in it.

On the Work Importance Locator I got:

30 = Achievement
22 = Independence
20 = Recognition
19 = Working Conditions
10 = Relationships
10 = Support

... again, those are out of a possible high of 30 in any one area.

I was sort of surprised that three of them "grouped" like that ... this was a grid with 20 "cards" each with some work aspect (i.e. "the job would provide for steady employment") that you had to put in five columns, from most to least important ... each card had a letter and then you transferred the "point score" from the grid to the category with the same letter.

There's a further step called "Job Zone" which has you figuring out on a scale of 1-5 if you're prepared for flipping burgers or doing brain surgery (that's basically a judgment call).

Once you get all these together you can look up jobs that are, for instance, Artistic/Achievement oriented in Zone 4 (Editors, PR Specialists), or Zone 5 (Clergy, Technical Writers), or Investigative/Independence oriented in Zone 4 (Archaeologists, Geographers), or Zone 5 (Astronomers, Political Scientists).

What's funny (or not) is that most of what I've done all my life is in these general areas, so there weren't a whole lot of "AHA!" moments looking over the job lists, although I must admit that I'd never considered "Custom Tailor" or "Range Manager" as career options!

Heh ...

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