BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Damn ...

I keep trying to do stuff to bring in at least a dribble of money ... recently had on-line surveys recommended to me ... signed up for several of those services ... WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! I've probably spent 10 hours filling out the damn pre-survey questionnaires and have NEVER actually made it into a survey! I've responded to dozens of these damn things and every time get bumped out as "not the profile they're looking for"! I've had several people recommend this to me ... how the HELL do they get in on these damn things?

So frustrating. I also was chasing after some of those "write content for websites" deals, but when I did the math on that, I'd likely be making $4/hr or less on those ... at that rate I might as well be mopping floors at a fast food place.

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