BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... I'm impressed ...

You need to go to ... it's a site from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board that features a couple of dozen cheeseburgers (you might have guessed that, eh?).

However, the site is AWESOME, from the gauge on the landing page (instead of a "please wait" loading bar) to the SteamPunk-esque Cheese & Burger Society "rolodex" and a voice-over describing each burger which is sort of John Wayne being channeled by Christopher Walken (or maybe it's just Patrick Warburton is his Kronk voice). They have a "Chef's Corner" with a different restaurant chef's recipe each month (OK, only 2 months so far), and a "vault" which currently just has a contest to win a big honking grill. Actually, my only gripe with the site is on the entry form back there, where you can't just tab between fields. What's really cool is how they have the animation set so that when you go from one end of the "rolodex" to the other all the cards flip past ... beautifully done.

I've been doing web and marketing stuff for a long time, and I gotta tell ya, it takes a lot to get me enthusiastic about a site, but this is well conceived, well designed, uncluttered, extremely functional, and unembarrassed to be selling cheese (without beating you over the head with the commercial message) ... a really remarkable effort.

Needless to say, I'm jealous (and hungry ... those burgers look good!).

Visit the BTRIPP home page!


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