BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Got a question ...

Helllllo, Internet ...

I have a little question about something that's been driving me nuts over the past few days, and I was hoping that somebody out there might know something about it, because I've not had any luck through "official channels" so far.

OK, so I use FireFox, and, generally speaking, I really like using FireFox, however, since the install of Version 3.5.2 FireFox has developed what is, for my surfing habits, a VERY BAD BEHAVIOR. What is this, you ask, well, when I open a new tab and the page that's being opened is taking some time to load (ads and stuff coming in), I can't do anything else in FireFox, I can't click on another tab, I can't scroll on the loading page, nada, I just have to wait for the page to load like I was using a mid-90's browser!

Now, I typically have a LOT of tabs open (at least 12, sometimes several times that), and it is SERIOUSLY "slowing me down" when I can't just click on a link, leave it to load, and get on with what I was doing in other tabs.

There was nothing over on specifically addressing this (although, there WAS a rather extensive thread of people bitching about the 3.5.x release having serious problems). Anybody have any suggestions aside from d/l'ing and installing a pre-3.5 version of FireFox?

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