BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I might have to swtich browsers ...

I used to be a "Netscape guy", because I've been around the web that long. I've recently been a "FireFox guy", but damn this new shit of ad code that freezes up FireFox is making me CRAZY. Now, I've not "tested" whether this is happening in MSIE or Chrome or Opera yet, (because I rarely use them for general "surfing") but if one of them was "immune" to this crap, I'd have to switch.

What am I bitching about? Well, more info could be found a few posts back, but basically, there is suddenly a situation where FireFox will totally freeze up while "ads are served" to a web site ... you can't scroll on the page you're on (that's getting the ads), you can't close that tab, and you can't pop into a different tab. This suggests to me that somehow the Ad companies have come up with some malicious code that, essentially, takes over FireFox so that you can't escape seeing the ads (these are frequently the ones in a site's header, which would explain freezing the scrolling). And, it seems that every day more and more sites are showing up with this code.

What's really irritating is that it's not just "the usual suspects" ... while was where I first noticed this (an on-line friend frequently forwards links there), this happens on "Industry sites" such as and Silicon Alley Insider as well, and some of the major Media sites. I can only think that this is a "service" being offered by the high-end ad server guys for their clients, assuring that FireFox users won't be able to "miss" the ad because they're trying to get to the site's content.

The real pisser here is that I tent to click a link, and then click back to something else while a page is loading ... frequently 2-3 times on (for example) a single Twitter page. Instead of being back where I was and continuing what I was doing, now I'm "stuck", waiting for ads that I have zero interest in to load.

I sure as hell hope that FireFox finds a way to block these effects, or I'm going to have to switch browsers ... I just checked and Chrome doesn't have this problem, Opera doesn't have this problem, even friggin' MSIE (which generally takes trying to open a site in 3 tabs before it will get there in one of 'em) doesn't have this problem (although, notably, it failed to even open a space for an ad in the header on It's just FireFox, and it's making me NUTS.

Grrrrrrrrr ...

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