BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

On the road ...

Despite our dire economic straits with both The Wife and I out of work ... we're on a "vacation" this weekend. The Wife's dad lives in the Phoenix area and he and his wife travel around in a big RV during the summer to escape the heat. At some point they get to the "Chicago area" (as close as a "big rig" can set up) and we go visit them ... last summer this involved driving to Iowa. This year we're over at Michigan City, IN (and we've brought the cats with us, but that's a whole 'nuther story).

I was actually meaning to post about dinner last night. A BUFFET ... we don't have "regular" buffet restaurants in Chicago ... the real estate is too pricey (heck, I spoke with a regional manager for Culvers and he said they couldn't afford to open up a place in Chicago!), so I rarely get a chance to eat at one. Last night, however, we ate at a Ryan's (, which means I over-stuffed myself. I do love a buffet. Probably a good thing that there's none handy to us back home!

I'm having a hard time going into "vacation mode" since everything we do or eat is spending money that has no back-up ... the thing I hate most about the "job search" thing is that it's pretty much 24/7 without a break ... until you're hired and sitting in that desk, there is nothing but digging and digging and digging, with 99.9% of it being endless frustration, disappointment, and dread. An example was this phone interview I had on Monday ... the guy wanted me to send him some samples, but I've not been able to get him to respond to ANY e-mails (I sent him one asking if his main e-mail could take an 11mb file, one to send that stuff, and one to see if it had come through), which I suspect is a bad sign (which is too bad, as I was very excited about that job).

Oh, well ... we're going over to the Indiana Dunes today, and I'm going to try to not obsess over sending out resumes, but I wish to all that's Holy that I could get a decent job sometime very very soon.

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