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I guess I just haven't gotten any spam like this in a while ... used to get it all the time. I'm very confused, however, at what the spammers hope to gain by their little trick ... in this case, it's setting the year in their send program to sometime in the past, so the piece of spam shows up way, way, way, deep in the list. This used to drive me crazy on my old computer that I'd been using a long time, as these would bury themselves IN the mass of thousands of e-mails, and it would be a royal pain in the ass to try to find them to delete them. At the moment, their re-set is further back than I've been using FireFox on this computer, so I can find them right at the bottom of the list ... but WHY would they bother?

Do these people think that somehow because their stupid spam message (this current stream of 'em is all for one SEO group) has to be searched out that I'm going to actually open it and rush off to get scammed? Isn't it FAR more likely that I'll be pissed off having to spend time to deal with it?

It boggles my mind that anybody would think this makes their pitch more enticing ... it just makes me want to pulverize their hands with cinder blocks or sledge hammers!

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