BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

But what does it MEAN?

An interesting thing from a project at M.I.T. ... "PERSONAS - How does the Internet see YOU?" (HERE)

You put in your name (or your on-line identity, I did both below, obviously) and it goes off scouring the web for references, and sorts the results into the various categories you see here (click on this for an easier-to-read size):

Online, Books, Sports, Management, Genealogy, Fashion, Family, Aggression, Education, Legal, Music, Social, Religious ... quite a spectrum (and interestingly, not all show up on both of mine, so there are probably categories missing here) ... the question that comes to mind is "what does it mean?", as all you get is the color bar with identifying labels, no explanation of how, what, or why!

Anyway, it was fascinating enough that I figured I'd pass it along ... I'm, frankly, surprised that there's such a wide discrepancy between the two forms of my name ... it will be interesting to see what other folks come up with!

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