BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ... ANACam being retired after 12 years!

Ana Voog is pulling the plug on her 24/7 ANACam after 12 Years ... today's the 12th "ana-versary" of the cam, and she's decided that this is it. What a difference a dozen years makes ... from "edgy" musical act being featured on national TV and major events, to a mom with two kids (and a husband) who's going to be moving out to the country!

ANA was a major factor in the early success of LiveJournal, as she "brought over" her fan base from her IRC channels back in May of 2000, just a year after brad launched the site. At that point there were only a couple of thousand people on here (ana is user #2291) ... it took me a week to follow her over (and I'm user #2663), so there were 372 new users in that week, which would be a 16% increase in LJ site members ... bringing in a whole new audience, and "buzz"! I sure hope when they come out with that LiveJournal book she's going to have the kudos she deserves in that.

I'm sad to see the 24/7 cam go, but really, it pretty much "went" when she had her first baby ... the demands of motherhood made it so that she was rarely ever in a place where she could "create" for the cam ... if it was even pointed to anything active (heck, in its "swan song" today it's shooting the refrigerator in a corner of her kitchen!) ... even though getting out with the kids did develop an occasional "field trip" video. She promises to do more with still pictures in the future ... it will be interesting to see how she interfaces with the country environment.

Anyway, ANA's cam has been a touchstone of my web experience over the past 12 years ... I have some souvenirs saved up, like one of the glittery teacup stage props from her time as the lead of The Blue Up? (who are still enshrined, if I'm not mistaken, on the "star wall" at the famed 1st Avenue club in Minneapolis), a panel of the "wall of 7's" from her original ANACam apartment, a wall hanging she did of print-outs from the cam, and assorted autographed CDs, so there will always be something concrete for me to recall "those days". It's just one of those passages that's bittersweet.

Going to miss you, ANA!

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