BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Just in case some of you were waiting ...

OK, so, got all the tiles in ...

... now all that's waiting is to do the grouting and tidy things up!

I can't believe I can't find my "grout float", though ... I know I've had one, and I was able to find everything else "tile related". Sure, it's just seven bucks or so for one, but it irritates me when I know I have a tool and can't find it. What's worse is that I have a very clear "tactile" recall of this particular one which means that I've probably had to move it at some point, which means it could be anywhere ... which is also driving me crazy.

There is a possibility that The Girls may have gotten a hold of it at some point for some project, at which point it might have been given the heave-ho by The Wife (whose second favorite activity behind shopping is throwing things out).

Oh, well ... I bought a thing of "Water Sealer" for the cement, and found I didn't need it (having a sealer coat for the leveling compound), so I can return that and get the grout float and some change.

Needless to say, at least one further picture is forthcoming ... the floor when grouted!

I sure hope not too many of you were anxious for updates on this!

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