BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

SL as graphic tool?

Because of a number of factors, I've not been in Second Life much of late, but today I was wanting to whip up an illustration of a stack of colored blocks, with proper perspective and varying orientation. Now, I assume that I could have made this happen in GIMP or Inkscape, but I'm really not that familiar with the functions of those, and this wasn't something that I wanted to throw a lot of time at. I looked through Google Images, but nothing really was what I was looking for, I was about to give up "roughing up" the graphic that I was wanting to get done when I thought "hey, I could just stack basic cube prims in SL, throw some color on them and take an in-world snapshot!" ... and so I did:

I had Eschatos go up on top of the newly-relocated WSI build and start rezzing blocks. I had some issues with the color, since I was keeping the plywood texture (which "yellowed up" any of the colors), but it was trivially easy to just keep rezzing a new block, throwing on a color, and rotate/move the block to get the right "casually stacked" look. I then stuck in a white background and base (to save me the trouble of having to "cut" this out of a background image) and took that snapshot.

I just wish I had animations of an avatar climbing a ladder (and a ladder for one to climb) as I ended up doing a free-hand "stickfigure" drawing of that for this graphic, but at least the stack of blocks looked right!

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